Story of How Luna Came Into our Lives

The 13th of May 2015 was the day our lives changed and Luna joined our family as our furbaby.

We found Luna through Four Paws Animal Rescue who work in South Wales , UK. After deciding that it was the right time to get a dog as we had enough time to commit and felt we could give an animal a loving home we decided that we wanted to get a dog from a rescue centre.  We wanted to matched up to a dogs personality to make sure it we would be a good match for both sides.

Luna came over from Ireland in abit of a state, not socialised with humans, very fearful and not knowing how to be pet dog.

Luna unfortunately has a nipping problem which means she can give a nasty nip when she’s scared , in small spaces and on the lead.  With clicker training, lots and lots and lots of cuddles, touch training, positive reinforcement , muzzle training and constant on the go training for the rest of her life, we have given Luna the forever home she deserves.

Sooooooo many people were asking what breed Luna was so last Christmas I got her a DNA test from Wisdom panel . The results……… one parent a pedigree border collie (explains the high tennis ball drive and sheepdog skills!) And the other side a Yorkshire terrier, shih tzu (carries the short legged gene) . The dna test has been really helpful for making training and games aroubd her breed and to help us look out for any possible health related breed problems.

Taking on a high energy rescue dog with behaviour problems has yes been a challenge but I wouldn’t change her for the world. Those eyes…….


2 thoughts on “Story of How Luna Came Into our Lives

  1. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    Sometimes the ‘problem’ fur-kids give our lives the most meaning. Kudos to you for rescuing Luna who has such an adorable face. Sounds like she was quite fortunate to be rescued by you; no doubt she’ll thrive and blossom. All the best as you continue to work with her and her needs.

  2. annaandmylunadog says:

    Thanks so much, lots of problem dog get left in kennels and they are so so so rewarding , Luna will always need constant training and extra love but she is a lapdog now and living a fulfilling life 😘

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