Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene you might think of clean sheets and fresh jammies but it’s not just about how much you use your washing machine it’s how you feel about your room Β and how you can make it work for you.

For someone who has suffered from slight insomnia, night terrors and many many difficulties when it comes to going to sleep or waking in the night and not being able to get back to bed I needed to make my bedroom work for me.

Natural shades have helped tone the room down and give it a light airy feel, opening the space with greys and creams, which seems to say ‘peaceful’ at night time and ‘fresh wakefulness’ in the morning.


Organising and giving every item which belongs in the bedroom a home, so when I get back from work and just wanna climb under the covers and have an early night it doesn’t take me long to whip around and put everyone back where they belong. Make up especially , I do not know what happens when I get ready in the morning but its like a tornado hits my dressing table.

A clean room for a clean sleep I like to think of it as.

Supplies for difficulty sleeping, in my bedside table I will keep ear plugs, headphones (I share my bed with my ever patient husband who doesnt always want to listen to meditation music at 2am). On my phone I have Spotify with playlists of meditation music, spa music, Tibetan bowl music and rain sounds, basically anything relaxing which helps take my mind off whatever I’m worrying about. Headspace is also on my phone which is a fab meditation app introduced to me by one of my best friends, which I’m hoping to post a future post about so stay tuned. Reading material to help me to get sleepy before bed and of course in case of emergency break glass – sleeping tablets , rare I use them but its nice to have them on back up.

Blue screen light filters on smart phones are amazing and both myself and my husband use them and I honestly believe it helps, yes yes we’ve all read keep phones out of your bedroom but I use my phone as my alarm so kinda need it next to my bed.

I suffer with anxiety which seems to be worse in the mornings and evenings, especially just before bed which makes me feel out of control as I can’t control the anxiety. For me controlling my environment is important, one way I can do this is keeping a tidy cosy bedroom which helps me feel more in control and so helps me sleep better – I’m no doctor but maybe this might give someone struggling an idea to try!


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