How To Do Grey Hair

I decided to go for the whole grey thing a couple of months ago when I was getting pretty bored of my blonde, going for my routine highlights every few months.

 I had to have my whole head bleached at the salon and this is NOT to be taken lightly, I had months of a good haircare in order to make sure my hair was strong and healthy enough to take the bleach.

The actual colour grey was a toner as oppose to a hair dye (not too sure what’s the difference but that’s what my colourist said!) 

Yay I have grey hair, I am now thinking , how am I going to keep this grey hair grey? ( it fades very quickly!)

Here are few products I have found super helpful.


Matrix So Sliver, this is what they use in salons , smells lovely and has a lot of purple pigment in it to strip away any brassy tones. 

John Frieda sheer blonde colour renew, I find I use this this one if I want a quicker and less intense purple pigment and will again help balance those orange tones!


Bleach London Sliver Conditioner , I love the smell of this conditioner and feels lovely on the hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

Superdrug Colour Enhance which isn’t a conditioner you use every wash just once every couple of weeks to help ditch the brassy notes that come through on blonde.



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