Brushes I use for eye makeup

I only really started using eye shadows a couple of years ago as I really had no idea on application,transition shades and blending. I learnt from a super helpful girl on the nyx counter in my local boots which made it seem so much easier than I had thought, yes I can do a Smokey eye myself!

For my transition shade I like to use my unicorn brush all over lid and in my crease, my spectrum tulip eye contour brush for a darker transition shade in crease and corner of lid.

My Nyx fluffy brush is perfect for blending eye shadows togethers whilst my real techniques eye shadow brush is fab for cleaning up the edges and buffing them out.

I recently added the Morphe B33 brush to my brush collection to smudge out shadows on my lower lashline and it’s been perfect for the job.



3 thoughts on “Brushes I use for eye makeup

  1. areadingcat says:

    love these! i’ve been collection a few brushes myself and having the right brush really does miracles on an eye look! x

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