Favourite make up tools for applying my base.

I used to apply a lot of make up with my fingers – yes cringe i know, I had it in my head it was easier ??!!! 

I started wondering why doesn’t my foundation look as nice as other people’s and started watching some YouTube videos on proper make up application, I came to my senses.

My old favourite make up brush for doing my foundation was the Real techniques stippling brush, flat top and great for getting around the nose area. I still use this brush for time to time if I need a super fast application.

Then I jumped on to the beauty sponge band wagon and those things are amazing! Started on the Dior one which I found to be abit hard, then the nyx one which was a lot nicer as it was squishy and now I am using the Spectrum unicorn tears sponge, because well  it had unicorn in the title lol turns out it’s a very good beauty sponge.

The only thing with these sponges is that you must dampen them before using them, soak under water until they get twice the size then squeeze out excess water. They give an almost air brush finish to my foundation and worth the extra time taken to use over brushes.

For bronzer I like to use my unicorn brush with a rectangle shape as I can get the product blended in to specific areas.

Blush I use my rounded unicorn brush which helps me go in with a light hand – we’ve all made the mistake of apply abit too much blush and looking like Ronald McDonald lol. 

I got all my unicorn brushes on eBay, cheap and cheerful but they do they job!

Same goes for highlighter a nice fluffy brush so I am able to build coverage lightly.

Powder I use a dense brush to set my face (this wilko one is great and only Β£3!) and a real techniques powder brush under eyes and if I need to top up through the day unless my bag is too small they I swap it out for a little kabuki brush or a powder puff.



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