Birchbox July review

Love the box design this month – very Summer 🌴🌴🌴

What’s in the box?

Benefit lip/cheek stain in Cha Cha 

From the start I am not a fan of this type of make up product having tried a benefit lip tint before , I find they are messy , hard to apply and don’t really work for me. The little brush is pretty rubbish for cheeks and if you use your fingers to blend it out , it will stain them! The is a pass for me which I might gift to a friend as I don’t want to waste it , just doesn’t work for me.

Origins Ritual Tea Powder face mask

This is a very interesting face mask as you have to mix the powder with water in a bowl then apply evenly all over face. 

Leave on the skin for about 10 mins then massage off with warm water, a little messy but totally worth it! It left my skin very soft to touch, hydrated and bright. 

Perfume Oxford Bleu English Laundry

Smells powdery , floral, fresh and has a couple of applications in it – what else to say??!! 

Anatomicals Softening Eucalptus Foot Cream 

I tend to have very dry skin especially on my feet and hands and this product really helped. It smells kinda like peppermint which helps soothe the feet at the end of the day, not badly priced either. 

Balance me Flash Cleanse Micellar water

I really like this micellar water , the smell , the removal of the makeup but for the price I feel you could get something similar but half the price. Though of course this is 99% natural so if you have very sensitive skin or allergies it would be a great option.

Percy and Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery

When I tried this I was very dubious! You have to put all over your hair before bed , sleep with it on and the next day wash your hair as normal. It smells amazing ( even my husband commented) and the next day my hair was super soft! I have bleached hair so it very VERY dry like a bale of hay so this is a perfect little treat for my hair.

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