Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick

Oh they’re good , like really good.

I had heard (from bloggers and youtubers) that these liquid lipsticks were some if not the best formula for liquid lipsticks – they weren’t wrong.

I got Rose Matters and Checkmate from Beauty Bay (free delivery over Β£15)

The only thing you have to remember with liquid lipsticks is that they are very drying on lips. They go on wet and dry down matte, they take a little used to applying from regular lipsticks but totally worth it!

This is Rose matters:

It’s important to prep the lips before use as they cling to every dry bit of skin , I like to use the Jeffree Star lip scrub but you could easily D.I.Y with olive oil and sugar.

This is Checkmate:

I love using the Jefferee Star Liquid lipsticks when I want to have colour on the lips all day and not touch up alot – they even last through eating and drinking!

Towards the end of the day 6+ hours wearing the colour does fade in the middle a little on the lips but easily topped up.


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