Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner

I bought this toner just to try something different from my normal Liz Earle Skin tonic, which I still love btw, but at £15 im always looking to save a few pennies.

This toner is £8.95 for 200ml but I got the 100ml at £4.95 to try it out and see how many skin felt with it.

I really wasn’t sure how I would it would perform as I had tried the eau roma water a couple of years ago and really didn’t get on with it. I picked up breath of fresh air at my local lush in Cardiff and the staff member was so helpful in choosing the right product for my skin type (normal/combination). 

I have to say it has been lovely on my skin, the aloe in it has really calmed my redness on my cheeks and the spray smells lovely. The sea salt in it has helped my oily areas whilst the lavender and rosemary have been soothing in my dry bits.

One pro point is when it’s half full you can top it up with water to make it go a little further.

All in all I will definitely be re purchasing , for the price the results are great.

(Though when I am feeling abit rich I’ll get the Liz Earle toner lol ) 



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