Birchbox subscription – is it worth it? 

I have been getting Birchbox since February of this year so 9 boxes total and after all the products what do I think?

Spending £12.95 a month for the box itself and 5 sometimes 6 random beauty products is definitely worth it for me. The cost of the products inside always out weighs the £12.95 and I have found some amazing products that I would of never of thought of buying if I hadn’t of received them in my birchbox. Yes there are lots of products I wouldn’t buy the full size as their quite pricey but as a sample sized treat their perfect for a luxury treat. 

Reasons for Birchbox 

  • If you love trying out new products and brands.
  • Enjoy a monthly treat box.
  • Spend the time (5 mins) setting up the beauty profile on the to get products for your hair type/skin type etc.
  • You can afford a direct debit every month 
  • The actual boxes themselves can be used as little storage boxes – I’ve put a few of mine together and use them for make up organisers.

Reasons not to get Birchbox 

  • You do not like to try out or experiment with new products and stick to your tried and true products.
  • You can’t afford it – as much as I love make up and skin care it’s not worth going over drawn for if you forget the direct debit!!
  • Have a look at past boxes and see would you of used all those products?? If no then maybe it’s not for you.

    Everyone is different and even if you wanted to try birchbox out for a couple of months or just get one as a treat to yourself, you can cancel anytime.

    Follow this link for £5 off your first box.



    2 thoughts on “Birchbox subscription – is it worth it? 

    1. Ana says:

      Hi! I published my first (and last) Birchbox review yesterday and I’ve just found yours now. We share the same opinions about to get the subscription and to unsubscribe it as well haha

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