Spots Treatments , Tried and Tested

I thought when i was in late twenty’s I wouldn’t have to be worrying about spots but as I turned 30 at the end of last year I still have breakouts from hormonal , busy lifestyle , not getting enough sleep and when I don’t look after my skin properly – did anyone think that spots were only suppose to be an issue when you’re in your teens??!!

The past few months I have been trying 3 different spot treatments and would love to share how I have found I can help a spot clear up when its lurking under the skin (you know the particularly angry red ones). This is just what works for my oily/combination skin and for my skincare routine, I would love to know you have any other top tips on spot treatments, any recommendations or even if the products I am going to talk to about have worked or not worked for you.

With each treatment I applied as directed to either the beginning of a spot under the skin or the ones that just pop out of no where. I applied the treatments before I went to bed so they had all night to work.

Simple Skin Rapid Action Spot Zapper – £2.99

This sadly and literally did nothing……… apart from make the spot cold from the metal roller ball. Unfortunately this is didn’t work for me which is a shame as it’s such a good price!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – £16

To use this product you have to dip a cotton stick into the bottle, through the clear liquid and into the pink stuff at the bottom, you take it out and dab dab dab on to any spots and leave it to dry overnight. In the morning when you wake up you just wash away any residue and as if by magic the spots have greatly improved in appearance, look and ‘angryness’. Yes this is pretty pricey but you use such a small amount each time I can see this lasting for a long long time , also I’m pretty sure the formula is witchcraft how it works.

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream – £2.15

A friend told me to try this one out , just pop a blob of sudocrem on the spot, leave for about 30 mins and then rub in gently. Feels like it gives the spot a little barrier or shield from the outside world so it can heal itself and I find make up goes on over the spot easier too. It definitely helped the spots go down a little quicker and I really liked how I was able to cover them up with make up but I felt like it wasn’t really treating the spot just helping it heal. I want a spot treatment to work on the reason the spot appeared rather than to help it clear up by itself.

Overall for my skin type oily/combination with spots popping up hormonal or when I’ve not been looking after my skin, I will be using the Mario Bedascu Drying Lotion – witchcraft in a bottle I say!



6 thoughts on “Spots Treatments , Tried and Tested

  1. Zoe says:

    I’ve also tried the clean and clear rapid spot treatment. Supposedly marketed to reduce spot size and redness in 4 hours. All I found was that it created a barrier layer on top of the spot (which looked like a big scab) and then dried the skin out around the spot so bad that i ended up with dry flaky skin for about a week afterwards (still with spot), and that was applying it in a small blob directly onto the spot! You definitely couldn’t apply make up on top of it, it also smelt awful and sometimes had a stinging sensation. Definitely wouldn’t recommend!

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