Beauty Pie Review

Beauty Pie is very different from any beauty company I know of , for one you only have to pay the factory costs, all costs are transparent and you have to be a member to take advantage of these lower prices. (If your not a member you have to pay r.r.p for every item which is ALOT more)

How do you become a member?

You simply sign up and pay £10 a month to be given an allowance in which to spend. For example £10 a month gives you £100 to spend on the r.r.p price, to have a higher allowance you pay more each month as top ups. Don’t worry though as you can buy a fair amount with your allowance , I sometimes wait 3 months and do a BIG order of all the bits I want – that saves on p&p too. (each month your allowance rolls over)

As you can see I have a year of shades of the everyday great skin foundation from being a little tanned in the summer to a little paler in the winter. This foundation actually replaced my Dior Forever foundation which I used to be a staple.

What are the products like?

From my experience ( I am by no means an expert btw!!) they are definitely comparable to the high end make up I have tried, brands including Giorgio Armani, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit and Estee Lauder. All the products have fab reviews from Beauty Pie customers which can help you decide what’s for you or not.

The Future lipsticks have great staying power.

The bio-infusion breathable primer has been a game changer for my foundation not looking cakey by the end of the day.

They also do skincare which I have found to be lovely, makes the membership more worth it for myself and have actually swapped from some of my firm favourites to the Beauty Pie ones.

One thing that I love about Beauty Pie is that they are cruelty free, so no testing on animals and they use environmental friendly packaging. Many many beauty products are weighted so they seem heavier, maybe to make it seen like there’s more product inside and more luxurious (I’m not too sure why a heavy lipstick or face cream would seem like this, but it’s true!) Beauty Pie do not do this as much of this packaging just ends up in landfill/costs more to ship so lighter products are better and not a sign of cheapness!

Click here for all the Beauty Pie FAQs

Last Christmas they even released some beautiful candles in the most gorgeous scents, which I snapped up straight away and was way too excited for!! I knew they wouldn’t disappoint as they were coming from Beauty Pie.

All in all I have had a great year being a member with Beauty Pie , I have saved money on every make up/ skincare item I have ordered compared to the make up I would of bought, I have found some beautiful and high quality products to use and because of the lower price tag been able to experiment with products I may not of bought.

it’s a very unusual type of make up company but it has definetly been worth it for me!



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