D.I.Y Reusable Cotton Pads

I was thinking of how many cotton pads I use every day and just throw them away unable to recycle or reuse them, after a little research I found that reusable make up wipes/cotton pads were a thing! I was ready to spend my money but then I thought I could have a go at making some first with stuff I already had in my house. I looked at how the websites made them, made up a couple to try and they worked wonderfully for removing make up and applying toner – win!

Here’s how I made mine:

You will need :

  • Soft cotton fabric
  • Towel fabric
  • Cotton thread
  • Fabric scissors

I used my sewing machine to make mine but if you had the skill and patience you could definitely hand sew!

Step One:

Cut out your cotton fabric in the shape you would like. I used one of my last cotton pads I had as a guide to draw around and remember you need two of each shape to make one pad.


Step Two:

Cut out your towelling fabric to desired size. Make sure the towelling is smaller than the cotton so it can sewn in between two pieces, you won’t be able to see the towelling once finished as it will be within the pad to absorb make up remover/ toner etc


Step Three:

Sew towelling fabric onto the ‘wrong’ side of a cotton piece to secure it.

Step Four:

Take another cotton piece ‘wrong’ side up and sandwich the towelling in between the two. Sew around edge to seal up the pad.

20180426_080232653145138.jpg                  20180426_0804371431558024.jpg


Step Five:

Bask in the glory of making a reusable cotton pad!!



After use, pop them into a 100% cotton wash bag and chuck the lot in the washing machine at 30 degree, air dry and their ready to use again.

I got mine from Planet Peachy.




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