Birchbox subscription – is it worth it? 

I have been getting Birchbox since February of this year so 9 boxes total and after all the products what do I think? Spending £12.95 a month for the box itself and 5 sometimes 6 random beauty products is definitely worth it for me. The cost of the products inside always out weighs the £12.95 … Continue reading Birchbox subscription – is it worth it? 


August Birchbox review 

The theme of the box this month was mermaids. 😍😍 So what's in the box? Full size Loc eyeshadow pencil I've never tried an eyeshadow stick before and I thought I wouldn't really get any use out of this , but after trying it kinda like an eyeliner I really like it! Stays put all day … Continue reading August Birchbox review