Headspace – What Is It and Why It’s Great

Headspace is a meditation app which has greatly helped me overcome lots of different aspects of life that I find hard or uncomfortable and for 10 minutes of my day it's been a lifesaver. Meditation I agree isn't for everyone but I can honestly say that Headspace allows you to meditate in a way which … Continue reading Headspace – What Is It and Why It’s Great


Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene you might think of clean sheets and fresh jammies but it's not just about how much you use your washing machine it's how you feel about your room Β and how you can make it work for you. For someone who has suffered from slight insomnia, night terrors and many many difficulties when it … Continue reading Sleep Hygiene

Perfect cuppa for IBS

I have had a long struggle with IBS and general tummy/bowel problems, I have tried so many different remedies and always willing to try new things to help stomach cramps and bloatedness. Found theseΒ PukkaΒ detox tea bags have really helped me and I always love to find a herbal remedy. Organic fennel, aniseed and cardamom.